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Show 75: Diamonds are NOT Forever: the Recap

So, we played a little game this time around. Tim threw out a show number and name and Jon, Paul and he all updated, recapped or disputed what we had originally talked about. That’s partially true. Really, The Dads were

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Show 51: Leave ’em alone. When adults flee!

There comes a time when your wee offspring are too old for a babysitter.  You as parents agonize over leaving the kids unattended, even for a 30 minute trip to the store or for takeout.  You take the risk, it

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Show 29: Daddy’s Little Girl – Wait, she was just 9 yesterday!

As you all know, Jon is the only one of the Beer Dads that has a daughter, so this week we brought in Bob Campbell, who also has a daughter, for commiseration.  Bob as some of you may know, is

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Show 23: To Snip or Not to Snip

Probably all men have thoughts and worries about their virility and the status of their vas deferens. Some never alter that path and some do. Those who have tell tales of either indifference or woe and agony, but is that

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Show 10: The dreaded “You should knock first! AKA What happens when you catch your kid masturbating.”

Warning! This week’s show deals with some topics best suited for Adult Ears.     Admit it.  It is the most dreaded thing a dad can do, walk in on your kid experimenting with what he was given as part

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