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Show 111: Driving Miss Daisy Crazy

Beer Dad Jon is out “on assignment” this episode so our trusted sub, Miss Stacy is in to help Beer Dads Paul and Tim out. In this ep, Tim’s son, 3B turns 15 and gets his learner’s permit. Tim’s pretty

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Show 51: Leave ’em alone. When adults flee!

There comes a time when your wee offspring are too old for a babysitter.  You as parents agonize over leaving the kids unattended, even for a 30 minute trip to the store or for takeout.  You take the risk, it

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Show 33: Fender Bender, or The Accident

The call came as I (Paul) was almost to my office in Greensboro.  It was the Pilot, and when she starts out, “Everyone is ok, just shaken up.” you know the rest of the call is not good news.  The

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Show #3 – You and Your Teen Driver, or, How to Stare Death in the Face

Paul’s son has his permit which means Paul is spending his time in the navigator’s seat wishing he had a beer in hand and a blindfold on. That’s why it makes perfect sense for him to take the lead in this week’s

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