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Show 24: Grounded but Not Punished

Probably one of the things that dads, well parents in general, want of their kids are for them to be fine, upstanding and well-grounded humans. The Golden Rule is definitely apropos here: “Treat others as you’d want them to treat

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Show 17: Do As I Say. How to Talk to Your Kids About How You Were A Kid

We all heard that saying growing up: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Chances are we’ve said it to our kids at least once. It’s hard not to understand what their rationale is, we lived it. Does that

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Show 10: The dreaded “You should knock first! AKA What happens when you catch your kid masturbating.”

Warning! This week’s show deals with some topics best suited for Adult Ears.     Admit it.  It is the most dreaded thing a dad can do, walk in on your kid experimenting with what he was given as part

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Show # 5 – Social Media and what it does to dads.

Our friend of the show Brian Wright is back for round 2 with his take on Social Media and our kids.  This will be the first of many discussion on the changing ways our kids communicate.  When we were kids,

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Showtime! This week’s The Beer Dads Show #2

Now up for your enjoyment, The Beer Dads podcast!  This week Tim, Jon, and Paul discuss discipline, what works, doesn’t work, and the vital importance of consistency.  We also have a new beer to try out!  You can find us

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