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Show 128: Who the Heck is Tracy Bush?

Two episodes ago we introduced you to Nutrimom, the superheroine that comes to the rescue of those needing food allergy, food intolerance and general nutrition help. She’s witty, fun, cool and sassy. We heard about the Nutrimom stuff, but really,

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Show 127: The Fourth Annual Hoots Oktoberfest/Anniversary Show

If you are a subscriber, you have already heard next week’s show which will be Tracy Bush’s second appearance on the show. But, if you recheck your subscription, you’ll find that that show, isn’t there this week. What is available this

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Show 126: Nutrimom To The Rescue

The Beerdads welcome Tracy Bush aka The Nutrimom to our show this week (plus she brought food). Tracy has dedicated herself to teaching about and advocating for allergen awareness in our daily foods.  As the mother of children with life-threatening

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Show 15: Food, glorious food. Our second simulcast, this time with Tart & Tangy Triad!

Food.  We need it, love it, and obsess over it.  Plus, in some houses, Dad even has to make it!  Yet over the years, the stereotypical bumbling father in the kitchen has faded, and now more and more meals are plated

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