Month: March 2015

Show #8: Homework, or, How To Go From 0-Whinety in Six Seconds Flat

Homework, the dreaded bane of parent and student alike or practice makes perfect?  Tim, Jon, and Paul weigh in on this topic and how to cope with the I don’t want to and the OMG there is so much!!  Does

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Show #7 – House Divided: When Parents Think Differently

This week, the Beer Dads tackle a road that is fraught with potholes, land mines, and the occasional semi-truck in the wrong lane coming at you.  What happens when you and your spouse/mother of your child disagree on anything related

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Show #6, School Choice: Figuring out how your child learns

School choice is a luxury we have in the local system here, where you are not tied to your neighborhood school.  If you can make the case, you can go to a magnet school or a different school in your

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Jon’s Beercation

Jon here. I’ve had the great pleasure of spending the last week with my wife, my mother and her significant other vacationing in a little town in England called Aldeburgh (pronounced All-bruh). I won’t bore you with all the details,

Show # 5 – Social Media and what it does to dads.

Our friend of the show Brian Wright is back for round 2 with his take on Social Media and our kids.  This will be the first of many discussion on the changing ways our kids communicate.  When we were kids,

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