Show #7 – House Divided: When Parents Think Differently

This week, the Beer Dads tackle a road that is fraught with potholes, land mines, and the occasional semi-truck in the wrong lane coming at you.  What happens when you and your spouse/mother of your child disagree on anything related to family?  How do you get past the disagreement?  Do you try to present a united front, or have your children participate in the discussions to see how to work things out?  Valuable lessons for all of us in dealing with the inevitable disagreements!

We welcome Michael Slawter of Heyday Guitars as our guest!

Listen in as Tim, Jon, and Paul have a beer and negotiate (or try to) fatherhood. You can get our podcast by going to Stitcher, iTunes, or listen NOW on The Less Desirables Network or by clicking the player below!

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