Salem Lot 93

Small Batch Brewery worked with Old Salem to work up a barrel of traditional Moravian beer that they’ve named Salem Lot 93. Here’s an article about it in the Winston-Salem Journal:

Mingia said that the recipe makes an “old ale” style of beer. This style is an amber to dark brown beer notable mainly for its heavy malt character. Whereas Mingia might use 15 percent dark malt in a typical modern beer, this recipe called for 50 percent dark malt.

This recipe also called for very little hops, the grain that typically is a bitter counterpoint to sweet malt. The addition of a bit of coriander adds to the flavor — and that’s an ingredient that is still used in modern beer.

The recipe called for a long mash — the process of breaking down the sugar in the malt before fermentation — 4½ hours, compared to 60 to 80 minutes for most beer.

After adding the hops, Mingia let the mixture cool down naturally, eschewing modern equipment and a quick chill.

He also fermented the beer in a wood barrel, as brewers would have done in the 18th century…

Mingia ended up with about 32 gallons of beer. Small Batch will sell some of it, Old Salem will sell some during special tastings, and the remainder will be used for a private event at Old Salem.

The beer is named Salem Lot 93, after the location of the distillery and brewery in Old Salem.

It’s a brown beer with 6.6 percent alcohol. It has fruity aromas that belie its deep flavor with hints of caramel, nuts and toffee.

It sounds cool and we’re gonna have to find out how to get our hands on some.

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