New Brewery Opening in Greensboro

The beer news in the Piedmont Triad region just keeps getting better with the news that a new brewery is getting set to open in Greensboro near the Newbridge Bank Ballpark:

Preyer Brewing Co.’s first official batch of brew, a porter, is now fermenting away in a 10-barrel tank, and brewmaster and co-owner Calder Preyer was faced with a decision Monday afternoon — what’s next? A red India pale ale, or a rye pale ale?

“I’m excited to have more brewing to do,” said Preyer, as he prepared the brewhouse for a new batch, with his 1-year-old daughter, Sydney, slung on his back.

Along with the final permitting and inspections, as well as minor construction items and decorating, there’s also a lot of beer to make as Preyer Brewing Co. prepares to open in downtown Greensboro by the end of this month…

The 10-barrel brewhouse is complemented by one 20-barrel and four 10-barrel stainless steel fermentation tanks, which Preyer said should allow them to produce 750 to 1,250 barrels during the brewery’s first year. (For context, a traditional 15.5-gallon keg is a half barrel.)

Longer term, the addition of seven more 20-barrel tanks should allow the brewery to push production to 5,000 barrels a year, Preyer said. Along with the porter and the two ale options, Preyer Brewing is also planning to make a Belgian blonde, and may later branch out into lagers and other varieties.

We’re looking forward to personally helping them with their sales!

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