Month: May 2015

Show 17: Do As I Say. How to Talk to Your Kids About How You Were A Kid

We all heard that saying growing up: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Chances are we’ve said it to our kids at least once. It’s hard not to understand what their rationale is, we lived it. Does that

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Show 16: Grief. We know it has to happen, so how do we deal with it?

Grieving.  That emotion that is sometimes sequestered into a dark corner, out of public view.  Death is the only real constant in life, because you know it is going to happen, just not when.  This week, your erstwhile trio takes

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Show 15: Food, glorious food. Our second simulcast, this time with Tart & Tangy Triad!

Food.  We need it, love it, and obsess over it.  Plus, in some houses, Dad even has to make it!  Yet over the years, the stereotypical bumbling father in the kitchen has faded, and now more and more meals are plated

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Show 14: Mother’s and Mother’s Day. Co-Broadcast with Ten To Twenty Parenting!

This week’s show is very special.  We have a co-broadcast with our friend Kristen Daukas from Ten To Twenty Parenting!  Kristen has a podcast that runs the gamut of topics for all parents.  We gathered her up, made her sit

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