Show 15: Food, glorious food. Our second simulcast, this time with Tart & Tangy Triad!

Food.  We need it, love it, and obsess over it.  Plus, in some houses, Dad even has to make it!  Yet over the years, the stereotypical bumbling father in the kitchen has faded, and now more and more meals are plated by dear old dad.  We cover this and more (listen for the Incredible Burping Chair) with our dear friends from Tart & Tangy Triad! A member of The Less Desirables Network, Tart & Tangy hosts Nikki Miller-Ka, local chef / blogger / tour guide and Stephanie Beeman, marketing maven for Second Harvest Food Bank (and yes, Tim’s better half), lower their standards and come join the Beer Dads for an hour long chat about food and restaurants.  You, dear listener, will get a sample of Tart & Tangy, as well as your normal Dadditudes!  We like the simulpods, like last weeks with Ten To Twenty Parenting, because it gives you, our fans some variety.

This week’s beer is the Summer Shandy from Leinenkugels.

Want more Nikki @NikSnacks, Stephanie @theBCPF, and Kristen @kristendaukas ?  Follow them on Twitter!

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