Show 20: Father’s Day! Celebrating the best guys we know, Dads!

Greetings dear listeners of our little round table discussion on all things Dad!  This week we were the guests of the lovely and gracious Kristen Daukas on her podcast / website 10 to 20 Parenting!  Kristen is a familiar voice to our show, has 3 beautiful daughters and a very patient husband (Steve) who will be making an appearance soon on Beer Dads Podcast.  Our topic this week started off as Father’s Day, but kind of veered off and into a discussion about the dad experience in the birthing room. Jon vividly recounts a tale that has Kristen looking at us like we are crazier than normal.  All this in preparation for Fathers Day!  This show is definitely a favorite of ours, and we hope it will be one of yours as well.

Our beer this week is the Somersault, by New Belgium Brewing.

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