Show 44: A beautiful day in the neighborhood

**Confession**  I screwed up.  I forgot to post.  The dog ate my reminder.  There was a rip in space-time continuum.  Life got in the way.  Here is the post that was supposed to run last week, but now runs this week.  You got a delightful week off!  Now come back and listen with a vengeance.

This week had Tim, Jon, and Paul discussing topics like the disgruntled old men we are becoming.  We sounded as old as ever, because we went back in the day, to when being in a neighborhood meant something.  Kids (us) got out on bikes or boards or our own two feet and hung out with the people from the surrounding area.  We played any number of games, some made up, some involving a ball, or others that have been lost to time.

Did you have a neighborhood group you hung with?  If so, do you stay in touch?  Do our kids have this now and if so, are they all just sitting in a room watching each other play a game?

We dive into this, Paul had to skype in, and found out he has the attention span of a gnat while on skype! Come spend some time with the Beer Dads!


This week our beer was the Cold Mountain Winter Ale by Highland Brewing of Asheville, NC!

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