A Mermaid Tail. One afternoon by the water.

All the merfolks!
All the merfolks!

After the New Year was rung in, I had the great fortune to be invited by a friend to attend the NC Mermania event at the Greensboro Aquatics Center.  This event was held on the 2-3 of January.  I was intrigued, as there would be all ages and genders of MerFolk in attendance and my first exposure to the “beautiful swimmers”.  The most striking thing to me was the genuine welcoming feeling that hit me as soon as I entered the aquatics center.   I was in street clothes, trying not to stare, but instead marvel at intricate tails and adornments that each of the merfolk have.  They take extreme pride in crafting personalities and individuality.  This wonderous group were open and truly appreciated guests into their world.

My first encounter was in the shallow pool at the GAC, where small groups of children were having their in-water swim with the mermaids.  That perfect childlike sense of wonder was immediately evident through the smiles and laughter echoing in the room. As I moved to the deep water area, with my friend Shannon, (North Carolina’s own mermaid, and director of the event) I was able to see the camaraderie of people sharing a common love of the water, of nature, and of purpose.  I met merfolk from all corners of the earth, as some had traveled from Europe and other far off places, to participate in this convention.  Most of the people in attendance use their love of the water as income, or to assist in fundraisers for environmental protection/ awareness, children’s parties, or other public functions.  All are drawn by a love of the art, the love of the water, and the love for each other. If you are interested, please contact Shannon here.

I am proud that our community was able to host such a wonderful group of people.  One more reason I love calling the Piedmont Triad home.


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