Show 52: Helicopter Parents, how to not get caught in the rotor wash

You know them.  They hover like the Seal Team 6,  swooping in for the swift run, shoving their progeny out of way and go in guns blazing to rectify whatever issue tweaks them.  They must protect the poor fragile children, who cannot be trusted to think on their own!  Curse the evil teacher who does not let shoddy work slide.  Confound the coach that rewards the players that put forth the effort, and benches those who do not.  The Helicopter Parent.

Fred Williams joins Tim, Jon, and Paul for a conversation about the cell phone leash wielding parent(s) that seem to be more prevalent these days.  Do these parents exert way too much influence over every action that their children make?  Do they never let their kids learn a life lesson?  We discuss the evolution of the helicopter parent, how we can even see it in ourselves sometimes, and how to diffuse an escalating argument with one that might be overstepping boundaries.


This week our beer is the Taddy Porter from Samuel Smith!

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