Show 64: Stranger Danger

Do your kids just go and answer the door anytime someone knocks or rings a doorbell? How do you convey to your kids that you shouldn’t invite just anyone into your house or open the door without first finding out who it is and what they want. Times are different than they were when we were kids. When you were a kid, was your door unlocked when you were home? Did you just answer the door carelessly and not care who was out there?  Have you ever let a vacuum cleaner salesman into your house? All of it is related. Times have gotten more dangerous and we have to be careful.

How about living in neighborhoods and people getting freaked out over people wearing ball caps or hoodies? What has happened that you can’t wear a ball cap without people going ballistic?  People, it seems have lost their minds. Do you look for the good in people or be suspicious of everyone?

Paul, Jon and Tim discuss how to break kids of the habit of just welcoming someone in and why, perhaps, people are suspicious over the silliest things. Stop living in fear, folks!!

The beer the Dads are drinking this week is High Rock Red Ale by New Sarum Brewing Company.

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