Show 67: Entrepreneuring With Children

We’re a week late on this post, we’re sad to say, but that happens. We’re back now, though. And for this show, local tattoo legends Byron and Kelley Weeks come in to talk about how it is raising a daughter and starting your own business. Are you crazy!? Starting a business with a kid!? Seriously!?!? banner

Yes, seriously. Not only did they start a business, they have a successful one. That would be Earth’s Edge Tattoo & Body Piercing. They’re in to talk about the challenges, struggles and perks of doing so. It wasn’t easy, of course, no business is, but they’ve survived and we hear about parenting while doing so. And, Byron and Kelley would probably agree it was a strange journey.

The beer the Dads are drinking this week is Solid Sender Ale from Tröegs Brewing.

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