Show 69: Who the Heck is Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company?

The Beer Dads are proud to announce that as of today, July 11, 2016, we have a brand new presenting sponsor: Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company. We’ll get to that in a just a moment, but first, let’s talk about our presenting partner for the last year, Small Batch Beer Company.

We have really enjoyed our time with Small Batch and they will always have a place in our hearts and we will always support them in everything they do. It’s where The Beer Dads podcast was born. Jon, Paul and Tim sat there and concocted what you listen to and read about, now.  We really appreciate all that they’ve done for us. You’ll still see us there imbibing the good wares they offer. And, we wish them luck on their Burger Batch that, hopefully, will be cranking later this year. Thanks to Tim, Ryan and Cliff!

Now, this show has local celebrity, Eric Swaim in to talk about Hoots Roller Bar and Beer Company, familiarly called Hoots. He talks about the history of Hoots, about what they are trying to accomplish in the local beer scene and what current projects they Printhave going on. Eric and The Dads talk a lot of beer and drink a fantastic brew from Hoots, which we’ll talk about in a few lines. Eric’s a swell guy and we invite you to head down to the West End Millworks complex and sample a good mix of food, beer and spirits, but especially the beer that Hoots has to offer.

Their standards include the fantastic ESB (which Beer Dad Tim states is one of his favorite beers of all time – We say it is Eric Swaim Beer or Extra Special Beeman, either works fine), Gashopper IPA (named after the famed curb market and gas station next door) and the Wheel Bite Wheat. They also have other brews like the “Mild,” the Strawberry Saison (made from real strawberries) and Cueberry (cucumber and blueberries). Hoots also has Tim Nolan that creates lavish and fantastic craft cocktails but doesn’t succumb to pretentiousness. Hoots really has their stuff going on. So, very many thanks to Eric Swaim and Eric Weyer (whose birthday was yesterday, happy birthday Eric W!) for supporting us and what we do. We will be scheduling a few live remotes from Hoots in the near future. They will be on Mondays because that’s when we record them! In subsequent posts we’ll provide what events and happenings are going on at Hoots during the week and if special events are upcoming. Keep reading and listening.

The Beer Dads’ beer of the week is the Strawberry Saison from Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company.

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Beer Dads Podcast is proudly sponsored by Hoot Roller Bar and Beer Company.

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