Show 72: Who the Heck are Tanya and Stacy?

Stacy Verner and Tanya Rivera return, this time to talk about what Tanya does and kids in media. The Dads ask a lot of questions about the television news business and some behind the scenes things, nothing too personal, just how things work and are. Stacy and Tim have a mutual agreement about someone in the business and both Stacy and Tanya have, as far as we can tell, a great time. The Dads loved having them on and would like to invite them to come back, when they’re ready (they have an open invitation… as do any of our past guests). We’re also pretty sure this is one of the longest shows we have had… not a bad thing. And, yes, we know we used that picture last week!13606943_10157095677935058_4868133550987680879_n

The Beer Dads’ beer of the week is the Hell Yes Ma’am Belgian Style Golden by Raleigh Brewing.

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