Show 79: Don’t Be a D*ck

There are times when someone just needs to say something. Somebody’s done somebody wrong (song?), someone has crossed a line, someone needs to be put in their place, the scenarios go on and on and on. That happens. But, how do you address it? Go in (or out) guns blazing? Or, do you kill them with kindness instead? A beat down vs. couth and courtesy. That’s what it comes down to: don’t be a d*ck. The Dads talk about their experiences and dont-be-a-dickwhether they have or haven’t been one or how they avoided it and took the high road. Beer Dad Tim is always a d*ck (not really).

The show was recorded in the brand new Test Pattern Studios. Test Pattern is located at 701 N Trade Street in good ol’ WSNC. Check out the Test Pattern page for more on their happenings.

The Beer Dads’ beer of the week is Black Boss Porter (it’s a Baltic porter) by Browar Witnica from Witnica, Poland.

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Beer Dads Podcast is proudly presented by Hoots Roller Bar and Beer Company. This Saturday, October 1, is Hoots’ THIRD anniversary. That’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Wow, time’s fun when you’re having flies. No flies in this beer, we’re just being silly. Yay, Hoots!!!!

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