Show 94: Ticked Off Paul

So, we had an election recently. Many people were happy, many were not.

Not actually Beer Dad Paul

Whatever side you’re on, almost everyone has had to have conversations, mostly uncomfortable, with family, friends or acquaintances about politics, views and preferences. Neither side is fully right and neither is fully wrong; at least in principle. Where we are wrong is not respecting others’ views on the same subject. Sure, we can disagree but be mindful of others’ feelings and views. Similarly, no matter on which side of the spectrum you sit, you must realize that blaring your opinions isn’t likely to change anyone’s mind about the subject or point of view. It may, perhaps, change their opinion of you. Don’t lose friends or the closeness of relatives because you can’t agree. What does it matter in the grand scheme of things anyway?

This episode, Beer Dad Paul is fed up with all sides of aisle and gets a bit explosive. He doesn’t completely blow up but he’s not happy and he lets us all know about it and why. Luckily, we have beer to help ease the tension.

The show was recorded in the new Test Pattern Studios. Test Pattern is located at 701 N Trade Street in good ol’ WSNC. Check out the Test Pattern page for more on their happenings.

The Beer Dads’ beer of the week is Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter by Wild Ride Brewing out of Redmond, Oregon.

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Beer Dads Podcast is proudly presented by Hoots Roller Bar and Beer Company. Great beer and great atmosphere, right in the heart of the historic West End neighborhood of WSNC.

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