Show 130: Adulting Sucks

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“The only thing certain is taxes and death.” – Benjamin Franklin.

No truer words were spoken than those of ol’ Benji Franks. Well, unless you count “it was a wise man that created beer.” It was credited to Mr. Hundred Dollar Bill but it’s truly not known who said that. But, when you’re young you don’t think about taxes, bills, responsibility, life, survival and the like. You always have Mom and Dad to fall back on. But, when you get some years behind you, these things are either a rude awakening or a shift into something more “adult.” No matter how it happens, dealing with those things are a pain in the you-know-where. How we deal with them sometimes makes a subject more suited for a psychologist or just skip that and go straight-on rubber room. Either way, when the Beer Dads talk about it on this episode, one thing we can all agree on? Adulting does indeed suck!

Our beer this week is Black Butte Stout by Deschutes Brewing.

The show was recorded in the new Test Pattern Studios. Test Pattern is located at 701 N Trade Street in good ol’ WSNC. Check out the Test Pattern page for more on their happenings.

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