Show 171 – The B*tch Fest

You know you can’t please everyone, right? Sometimes, though, it seems you can’t please anyone. Whether or not you’re trying to please everyone or not, there will always be people complaining, especially online. It’s one thing to give your opinion, but your opinion gets lost when you just start whining and complaining about stuff that is irrelevant. Let’s call it what it is… bitching. Be constructive, not destructive. You can voice dissatisfaction but you don’t have to bitch and moan. Truthfully, it’s only your opinion anyway and when your opinion becomes a crusade to convince others of your contemptuous and many times erroneous opinions, people start to shut it out or follow you into the idiotic abyss. Keyboard warriors most likely wouldn’t say half of the things they say online to someone face to face. Maybe that’s a good thing, probably it’s a bad thing. The Dads talk about this, possibly bitching themselves.

The Beer of the week is Elevator Lady by Unknown Brewing Company. Yes, this is a tribute to Cherie Berry, the current NCDOL secretary. So, we have to direct you to a great song by Alternative Champs about Mrs. Berry. You can hear that HERE.

The show was recorded at The Lab at Industry Hill. Industry Hill is a business-minded neighborhood in the former Warehouse District. In the district are restaurants, a chocolatier, a distillery, two breweries, a beverage company, an entertainment complex, textiles, packaging and much more to come. To find out more follow them on social media or visit the area’s website. Thanks so much to Industry Hill for having a place for us to bring you our podcasts.

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