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Show 39: Leverage, What to use when all the discipline runs out?

We all get to that point.  No amount of punishment, threats or actual, gets through to our progeny.  They continue on a path that we may not agree with, whether it is not performing well in school, or not following

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Show 24: Grounded but Not Punished

Probably one of the things that dads, well parents in general, want of their kids are for them to be fine, upstanding and well-grounded humans. The Golden Rule is definitely apropos here: “Treat others as you’d want them to treat

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Show 17: Do As I Say. How to Talk to Your Kids About How You Were A Kid

We all heard that saying growing up: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Chances are we’ve said it to our kids at least once. It’s hard not to understand what their rationale is, we lived it. Does that

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Show #7 – House Divided: When Parents Think Differently

This week, the Beer Dads tackle a road that is fraught with potholes, land mines, and the occasional semi-truck in the wrong lane coming at you.  What happens when you and your spouse/mother of your child disagree on anything related

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Showtime! This week’s The Beer Dads Show #2

Now up for your enjoyment, The Beer Dads podcast!  This week Tim, Jon, and Paul discuss discipline, what works, doesn’t work, and the vital importance of consistency.  We also have a new beer to try out!  You can find us

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