Small Batch Brewery worked with Old Salem to work up a barrel of traditional Moravian beer that they’ve named Salem Lot 93. Here’s an article about it in the Winston-Salem Journal:

Mingia said that the recipe makes an “old ale” style of beer. This style is an amber to dark brown beer notable mainly for its heavy malt character. Whereas Mingia might use 15 percent dark malt in a typical modern beer, this recipe called for 50 percent dark malt.

This recipe also called for very little hops, the grain that typically is a bitter counterpoint to sweet malt. The addition of a bit of coriander adds to the flavor — and that’s an ingredient that is still used in modern beer.

The recipe called for a long mash — the process of breaking down the sugar in the malt before fermentation — 4½ hours, compared to 60 to 80 minutes for most beer.

After adding the hops, Mingia let the mixture cool down naturally, eschewing modern equipment and a quick chill.

He also fermented the beer in a wood barrel, as brewers would have done in the 18th century…

Mingia ended up with about 32 gallons of beer. Small Batch will sell some of it, Old Salem will sell some during special tastings, and the remainder will be used for a private event at Old Salem.

The beer is named Salem Lot 93, after the location of the distillery and brewery in Old Salem.

It’s a brown beer with 6.6 percent alcohol. It has fruity aromas that belie its deep flavor with hints of caramel, nuts and toffee.

It sounds cool and we’re gonna have to find out how to get our hands on some.

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If you took US History at any time in school you most likely learned about Gen. Washington’s daring assault on the Hessians the day after Christmas in 1776, a battle that turned the tide in the Revolutionary War. What most of us probably didn’t learn is that beer played a significant role in the Continental Army’s victory. Check out some excerpts from this fascinating article:

Beating the Hessians seemed about as likely as the Taliban out-gunning an A-10, but General Washington knew that a victory over the Germans, even a strategically insignificant one, would bolster American morale. More importantly, victory would prove the effectiveness of the Continentals to the American public and their French financiers, who were staying on the sidelines until the Americans demonstrated a real shot at victory.

To beat the Germans, Washington needed an equalizer; a way to level the playing field with the Hessians. The answer came in the form of American brew…

In the winter of 1776, as Washington and his staff began to plan their next move, they realized a rare opportunity had presented itself. German Christmas celebrations traditionally include copious amounts of beer, and to the 1500-man garrison at Trenton, New Jersey the Christmas of 1776 was likely no exception. Since any mid-sized colonial town had plenty of beer available, Washington’s staff hypothesized that on Christmas night the garrison would be unready for combat, thanks to the ready availability of American beer, and the German propensity for drinking it. An unnamed officer on Washington’s staff is reported to have said,

They make a great deal of Christmas in Germany, and no doubt the Hessians will drink a great deal of beer and have a dance to-night. They will be sleepy to-morrow morning.

Confident they could overwhelm the thoroughly buzzed Hessians, Washington and his staff planned one of the most daring operations of the entire Revolutionary War. The Continental Army would stage on the Pennsylvania bank of the Delaware River on Christmas Day. Once night fell, the army would ferry across the river, march nine miles to Trenton, and ultimately conduct a pre-dawn assault on the town.

You’ll need to go and read the full story to see how things worked out (obviously well, but the details are interesting in that the Hessians were actually stone sober and still lost). The important point is that we once again have evidence of beer’s awesomeness.

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Yes, that statement in the title was some of my late father’s advice to me.  We Three Dads are in the various stages of counseling our dear kids through the trials, tribulations, and total fun of dating and hanging out with both genders.  Tim, Jon, and Paul talk about the changes in dating from our own teen years, down to how its changed from when Jon’s kids were just starting out, and what fun Tim has to look forward to as his son moves into the dangers of having girls move out of “The Friend Zone”.

We invite you to listen in to this week’s talk and hear our review of this weeks beer: Impey Barbicane’s Moongun collaboration from DuClaw and Cigar City.

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Homework, the dreaded bane of parent and student alike or practice makes perfect?  Tim, Jon, and Paul weigh in on this topic and how to cope with the I don’t want to and the OMG there is so much!!  Does homework really help, or should we be looking towards other methods of reinforcement of what is taught during the day?  Tune-in to this weeks discussion about homework and our take on the uniquely named Ryan And The Beaster Bunny from Evil Twin Brewing!

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This week, the Beer Dads tackle a road that is fraught with potholes, land mines, and the occasional semi-truck in the wrong lane coming at you.  What happens when you and your spouse/mother of your child disagree on anything related to family?  How do you get past the disagreement?  Do you try to present a united front, or have your children participate in the discussions to see how to work things out?  Valuable lessons for all of us in dealing with the inevitable disagreements!

We welcome Michael Slawter of Heyday Guitars as our guest!

Listen in as Tim, Jon, and Paul have a beer and negotiate (or try to) fatherhood. You can get our podcast by going to Stitcher, iTunes, or listen NOW on The Less Desirables Network or by clicking the player below!

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School choice is a luxury we have in the local system here, where you are not tied to your neighborhood school.  If you can make the case, you can go to a magnet school or a different school in your zone.  Tim, Jon, and Paul go head on into experiences in the public and private school choices, and probably we are still as confused as ever.

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Jon here. I’ve had the great pleasure of spending the last week with my wife, my mother and her significant other vacationing in a little town in England called Aldeburgh (pronounced All-bruh). I won’t bore you with all the details, but I will tell you that I’ve had some pretty good pub experiences while here. The beer selection is dominated by Adnams which isn’t surprising given that the brewery is just a couple of towns over. We are doing the brewery tour tomorrow, but until then here’s a pic of the Adnams stout I enjoyed yesterday. You may be wondering where the kids are while we’re playing in England, so let’s just say they are all in college doing what they have to do. This is our payoff for having our kids when we were in our 20s.



Our friend of the show Brian Wright is back for round 2 with his take on Social Media and our kids.  This will be the first of many discussion on the changing ways our kids communicate.  When we were kids, our parents probably listened in on the telephone.  How do we monitor it?  For our not so professional, but hey it works for us take on the topic, tune in!


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This week our show brings on our first Guest Dad, Brian Wright. Brian has 3 kids, two young boys and a early teen daughter!

The guys discuss allowances and money, is it earned or expected?  How do you pay? Do you adjust it as needed or set amount?  We cover all these plus some!  Just 4 guys around a table having a beer and sharing the trials of parenthood.

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Paul’s son has his permit which means Paul is spending his time in the navigator’s seat wishing he had a beer in hand and a blindfold on. That’s why it makes perfect sense for him to take the lead in this week’s show as the guys talk about the whole teen driver process. You can listen to us on iTunes, Stitcher, right here or by clicking the player below.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery's very fine porter
Our beer of the week is Appalachian Mountain Brewery’s Porter, which the guys all agreed was a great selection.

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