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Beer Dad Jon’s brother returns to talk more about Vermont, its beers and more. We let the episode speak for itself! He sent down more beer and we couldn’t be more giddy about it! The beer they try this episode …

Show 170 – Who the Heck is Dave Lowder? Read More »

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Beer Dad Jon’s brother David is a listener of our show who lives in Vermont. He’s also an avid beer fan, like The Beer Dads. He’s a cool dude and sent down some of Vermont’s finest brews for The Dads …

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Eugene B. Sims is on again this week and we discuss him, his life, his wife, his stepsons, his MIL (mother-in-law) and his radio career. He and Beer Dad Tim have a long-winded discussion about music, which they both usually …

Show 155: Who the Heck is Eugene B. Sims? Read More »

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Eugene B Sims is in The Less Desirables Studios in The Lab at Industry Hill to talk about what it’s like to be a turn-key “father” or stepfather to two boys, which have pretty much grown up around him. The …

Show 154: The Step Dude Read More »

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The Beer Dads have their fair share of likes and dislikes when it comes to the holidays. Some holidays bring out the Scrooge in people. Is Christmas too commercial for you? Does the travel get annoying? Does the music drive …

Show 152: The Three Scrooges Read More »

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So, we love getting together with our families for holidays, right? Right? Well, most of the time we do. There are times, though, that you need to just get away for a few minutes, be it a bathroom visit, a …

Show 151: Surviving the Gatherings Read More »

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“The only thing certain is taxes and death.” – Benjamin Franklin. No truer words were spoken than those of ol’ Benji Franks. Well, unless you count “it was a wise man that created beer.” It was credited to Mr. Hundred …

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The Beer Dads have taken off this week to be with their families to celebrate Independence Day! We hope you all have a great week and we’ll see you next Monday. Remember to take a few nips at the picnic!

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So, we had an election recently. Many people were happy, many were not. Whatever side you’re on, almost everyone has had to have conversations, mostly uncomfortable, with family, friends or acquaintances about politics, views and preferences. Neither side is fully …

Show 94: Ticked Off Paul Read More »

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We’re a week late on this post, we’re sad to say, but that happens. We’re back now, though. And for this show, local tattoo legends Byron and Kelley Weeks come in to talk about how it is raising a daughter …

Show 67: Entrepreneuring With Children Read More »

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