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Show 46: The Embarassed Child

It is our duty as parents to be an embarrassment to our offspring.  Somewhere in the dad code, we have to be our normal, goofy self to elicit that eyeroll of frustraition, just so we can create endearing memories down

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Show 43: The Pilots Part Two. Girl, What a Story

We couldn’t keep The “Pilots” away (really why would we?) and of course, they continue to roll us over the coals and we certainly deserve it. Lots of fun. Celeste and Jon talk about having a daughter (as they’re the

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Show 42: The Pilots Part 1. Meet the women who keep us straight.

Meet the Pilots.  Our better halves.  The beautiful ladies who did not run out of the wedding ceremony screaming.  The women who serve as our concience, our partners, and our loves.  Stephanie, Celeste, and Susan come for a 2 part

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