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Fear not, loyal listeners, for your Beer Dads jumped off into some quite dangerous territory.  This weeks episode sprang from a festival that we attended together, complete with our better halves, and an assortment of Jon’s and Paul’s kids.  This …

Show 12: Kid Herding, or The Beer Dads show our grumpy side… Read More »

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Thanks to one of our close friends, we were alerted that iTunes and Stitcher had lost a few of our most recent episodes! We have our full library now, so you can find all our musings, including this week’s take …

Rip in the fabric of space: Podcasts went poof Read More »

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Our friend of the show Brian Wright is back for round 2 with his take on Social Media and our kids.  This will be the first of many discussion on the changing ways our kids communicate.  When we were kids, …

Show # 5 – Social Media and what it does to dads. Read More »

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This week our show brings on our first Guest Dad, Brian Wright. Brian has 3 kids, two young boys and a early teen daughter! The guys discuss allowances and money, is it earned or expected?  How do you pay? Do …

Show #4. Allowances – Or Show ME the MONEY Read More »

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Now up for your enjoyment, The Beer Dads podcast!  This week Tim, Jon, and Paul discuss discipline, what works, doesn’t work, and the vital importance of consistency.  We also have a new beer to try out!  You can find us …

Showtime! This week’s The Beer Dads Show #2 Read More »

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Now you can find The Beer Dads Podcast on iTunes! We hope that you give us a listen!   You can find us here: @BeerDadsPodcast on Twitter https://www.facebook.com/TheBeerDadsPodcast on Facebook thebeerdadspodcast@gmail.com is our email

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